Science and Spirituality hand in hand...



According to the discovery given the Nobel Prize in Physics 2011, only 4% is material of the whole universe, (including all near and distant galaxies), and 96% is energy.


Yet, this must be valid for every object, every being and planet or star, too. That means that only 4% is material of a human energy being. The 96% energy body is commonly called human aura.

This energy building up the human being is neither separated from other people’s energy nor the planet or other parts of the universe. We are part of a united and conscious energy-verse. Hence if the individual parts are conscious, the united wholeness must be conscious, too.

But there is something more to this..

The majority of people with materialistic attitude refuse spirituality.

Their main arguement is that our thoughts are produced by the brain, and once the body dies, the brain dies. They believe everything ends as soon as the brain is dead and life after death is only wishful thinking.

Well, at this stage it is worth referring to well-documented experiments published in several languages that prove that the brain, no matter how complicated and complex it is, cannot generate thoughts or store memories. That means that the ability to think does not start with the birth of the physical body and it cannot die with the death of the brain. The theory of evolution contradicts the laws of physics.

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At Dreamvalley Meditation Centre we put a great focus on helping people realise the relationships that are in complete alignment with the law of physics and research results as well as ancient wisdom and the teaching of ascended Masters.

Nevertheless our mind is only suitable to understand this wonderful energy-verse not its cognition.

Getting to know yourself and the universe is only possible by one single energy centre and it is your Heart. This is the energy-gate that opens via regular meditations and enables you to sneak peak into the beauty of higher worlds.

At Dreamvalley Meditation Centre we may give help you to establish your own connection with the world of spirit. The experience of meeting your already departed loved ones, your guiding angel or your spiritual Master is not as distand as you would believe. You can learn a lot about the secrets of the universe if you are persistent enough. However, the best result can be reached by regular meditations and serving your fellow-beings.