It is relatively easy to join communities, spiritual schools, religious groups, sects but most often it is difficult to leave them.

We do not follow this pattern in Dreamvalley Mediation Centre. We are aiming at learning, understanding and spreading the news of the operation of the spiritual world based on modern scientific results.
Passing on and widening this knowledge involves responsibility.

We are fully aware of the fact that sound knowledge can be built on a fair, persistent character.  Hence it is not easy to join our regular work.
The condition of joining our regular workshops, people are expected to come and participate in group meditations on a regular basis as well as doing the work at home, too. Our goal is much higher than just elevating ourselves or self-directed spiritual development. We aim to contribute to the elevation of the seekers, the whole nation and the whole planet. That is why the right attitude and the calling of the individuals are crucial.

Nonetheless we provide the opportunity to learn about meditations freely for every soul wanting to develop but have not yet committed themselves to regular meditation work.

We offer separate dates for regular meditators and beginner meditators, yet regular meditators are invited to join the beginner groups freeley.
Registration to participate in groups for regular meditators.

Béla Balogh

Registration to participate in groups for beginner meditators.

Márta Gulyás
Phone: 06 (20) 252-0363