Science and Spirituality hand in hand...


The Dreamvalley Meditation Center
has opened it’s door s to the public on the 21st December 2019

Dreamvalley Meditation Center


Miracles inspired by freedom and transformation reside in it. It is a place where you can take a dip in the beauty of nature. A place of intimacy, where you can see your own beauty reflected in the other’s eyes. Here you can touch and be touched by nature; or you can be alone if that’s what you want. It’s all waiting here, ready for you. It’s free choice. After all, no one in this place dictates which path is right for you.

Each soul walks in a unique way and expresses itself in a unique way in the world. Everyone is part of the great whole with their own trick and sound. There is plenty of space in the house to meditate and meet others; so you can express your feelings freely and discover the healing power of human love. A place where you can study, a place where you can teach. A place where you can improve, a place where you can witness development.

A place where you can pamper your body as well: with a massage, a hot bath, delicious food prepared with love. You will find peaceful solitude in the orchard and the surrounding forest if you are looking for just that.

Whether it’s courses, quiet retreats, or a combination of the two, the house awaits with open doors. It welcomes the pilgrim, the sage, the teacher, the seeker…



The operator of Dreamvalley Meditation Centre is the Dreamvalley Meditation Foundation. The mission of the foundation is supporting a sound mind and body lifestyle, being of service to individuals, the Hungarian nation, the evolution of our planet  in a benevolent and altruistic fashion as well as building a community.

Dreamvalley Meditation Centre was built over 6 years and our Sponsors are exclusively the type of people whose minds and hearts are in the right place. We have received neither government nor foreign grants, we have not won tenders, either. Our Sponsors have not expected and are not looking for any profit whatsoever.

We respect the fact that every individual picks the community that resonates with them and their frequency. We welcome all who beside regular meditation and community life feel the need to express the intellectual truth and wish to learn about the nature, operation and inner laws of the universe based on scientific research work. Wisdom is nothing but knowledge powered by love.

– We welcome any new and keen member who is interested and wants to develop. One of our goals is to preserve the emotional and intellectual purity of our community, avoiding gossiping, giveing unwanted advice or make judgements.

– Dream-Valley Meditation Centre as the provider of meditations, tuition and help as well as the foundation of the same name declare to be independent and not to be in the protective hands of any foreign or domestic organisations.



If you want to work on your own spiritual development,

  • If you value family, community, nation and love
  • If you would like to contact worlds that wibrate at higher energy level
  • If you would like to contribute to the wellbeing/healing of your family and the rising of the whole planet



  • The company of friendly and supportive people..
  • Meditations organised at a venue designed according to sacred geometry.
  • Inner peace and tranquility.
  • Tea, coffee, interesting and meaningful conversations.
  • Gardening, baking bread, barbecue parties and other programmes ment to build and strengthen the community


Dreamvalley Meditation Center


Dreamvalley Meditation Center Dreamvalley Meditation Center
Dreamvalley Meditation Center Dreamvalley Meditation Center